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This is my Ludum Dare 34 Entry for the two tied themes:

Two Button Control and Growing.

This game will trick your mind, test your reflexes, and

Put your hand-eye coordination skills to its full use,

Made by one man in span of 48 hours.


-Now you can use black and white orbs to continue with another life.

-Added How To Play Tutorial

Rules are simple:-

Black cant touch white, White cant touch black.

But beware, Don't Grow too big as the other might shrink out of existence

Press Z to move Anticlockwise,

Press X to move Clockwise, and

Press Z+X to Switch places, and change color of the orbit.

Second binding

Use Left arrow key for Z,

Use Right arrow key for X.

Seems Easy? Go try for yourselves.

Good Luck Have Fun!

For upcoming Updates and more,

Follow me @DieBackStudios


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